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Engagement Shoots, Why?

Hello you lovely bunch,

As well as being mid wedding season I am also currently doing a ton of engagement shoots. On all my photography packages I have an engagement shoot included free of charge, and even if you haven't booked me to shoot your wedding I really recommend you getting one booked in with your photographer. I have actually have couples book me before who have had their engagement shoot with their previous photographer and have then decided they're not right for them, so don't underestimate the importance of them. Here are my reasons why I believe them to be so important: 1. To build a relationship with your photographer It is easy to feel comfortable when you are chatting/skyping/emailing someone but it is totally different when they have a camera pointing at you. Engagement shoots are the perfect opportunity to get the first initial awkwardness or nerves out of the way about having your pictures taken, and I guarantee by the end of the session you will feel much more relaxed. This means on the actual wedding day we won't waste any of your precious time getting you comfortable in front of the camera as you will already have a good idea of whats going on. 2. To learn the style of shooting

Many photographers have different styles of taking pictures; some are extremely posed using lots of flash, some are totally documentary and then others are anywhere in between. At your engagement shoot you can learn how your photographer works and check that you feel happy with having your photos taken in that way, and that you are pleased with the results. 3. So that you're photographer can get to know you as a couple One of the main reasons I personally do engagement shoots is to learn how you act as a couple; how you are comfortable holding each other and what makes you smile the most. These are all things that will ensure on the day of the wedding I get the very best out of you, making sure we get some epic portraits! 4. To have another nice set of photos of you both

Okay, so this one isn't 'that' important, but it's nice to have some pictures of you guys together isn't it?! I used my engagement shoot photos on our wedding website which we sent to all our guests prior to the wedding. When I deliver an engagement shoot album I include lots of photos of the same pose, personally I am in the mindset of the picture I like best of you might not necessarily be the one you would choose of yourself and I like to give you lots of options so that you get the pictures that you truly love. I have included a slideshow of my most recent engagement shoot from Bolton Abbey which we did at golden hour to give you an idea of what you can expect from my shoots. Each one I do is different, but that's because (as previously mentioned) I get to know you as a couple and what will work for you. So basically don't worry when you see the piggy back pictures, if this isn't your vibe I won't be forcing it upon you! One final note, a lot of people ask to bring their kids or pets to the shoot which is absolutely fine by me. All I ask is that you bring someone along who can look after them whilst we get some pictures of just the two of you. Finally, if anyone would like to book a couples shoot or anniversary shoot with me get in touch, you don't have to be getting married to have one of these sessions!

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