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Good Morning! I've been getting lots of new enquires recently; just so you're aware I still have three slots left for this year, and I'm about 50% full for next. Also for all you super organised couples my diary is now open for 2020. As some of you may know I am getting married this year and as I get closer to my big day I've been thinking about all the amazing weddings I've been to and what have been my favourite parts, and what I should be looking out for on my own day. And truth be told, I think I am most excited for all those little moments. Those ones you just can't plan for. Seeing my dads face when he see's me for the first time in my dress. When I undoubtably get confetti in my eye. When I ugly cry at various points throughout the day. Seeing all my loved ones smiling and having fun. Belly laughing with my bridesmaids. The hugs, the tears, the raw emotions that will just keep coming like waves when I least expect it throughout the day. Seeing Aidan at the top of the aisle. Even those little moments when things don't quite go to plan, but make your day that little bit more memorable.

Yes - you might not even notice these little moments happening, and they might not always be caught on camera, but when they are they are probably the pictures that won't get printed, and may be over looked when couples first receive their wedding photos, but to me they are the ones which tell a thousand words about your day; and they are probably the ones which will become your favourites in years to come. So here's to some of my favourite little moments from my most recent ten weddings; the funny ones, the emotional ones, the tiny ones and the once in a lifetime ones.

P.S. A massive shout out to my amazing second shooters who help me capture all these little moments. You girls are the best <3

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