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A Fun Filled September Wedding in Liverpool

Happy Friday guys!

I am still in the thick of editing after an amazing year of gorgeous weddings, but as promised I am keeping up to my blogging to share all the loveliness with you all. Today I have one of my favourite weddings of the year to share with you, Danielle and Kyle's special day at 30 James Street in Liverpool. I am not sure what it is about Liverpool, but I absolutely love everything about it; the architecture, the people - and the accent! Every time I go I feel so welcome and I think it is somewhere I could definitely relocate to. The venue itself is beautiful, it's very modern and plush so it has a really luxurious feel about it. Danielle added to this by adding copper tones with lots of white blooms, the boys were in dickie bows which really fit with the theme of the day. Whilst we're discussing the styling of the day we need to talk about those bridesmaids dresses! The mint dresses were covered in gorgeous beading which gave the dress a real weight. Before you ask - yes, I took a sneak peak at the tag.. ASOS. You can thank me later, girls! The amount of love between Danielle and Kyle was making my heart pop during editing. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a couple this much in love. During our portrait session we took to the streets of Liverpool where it just so happened that Oktoberfest was taking place so the streets were filled with music. Danielle and Kyle were literally dancing their way through the session which gave me and the gorgeous Michelle (the lovely photographer on the day) lots to work with. So without further a do, I give you the trailer of this really special day.

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