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A Gin Themed Wedding, Harrogate

I am extremely lucky because all of the couples who book me hold beautiful weddings; fact. However Grace and Ben's wedding will be one of those I always remember, for all the right reasons.

Their day was so personal to them, and I felt like their wedding was a real insight into the life they have built together.

Firstly, Grace got ready at her family home where she grew up. The house was filled with lots of happy people buzzing around and a real air of excitement. When Grace came down the staircase to meet her Dad, I could instantly see that they had a really special relationship. Usually in my trailers I crop all the moments down to keep it as short as possible, however I had to leave this part at its full length due to the emotional tug it had on me. The church where Ben and Grace tied the knot was Ben's local church, which had ties to his family. It was absolutely packed with friends and family which again made a great atmosphere. Like in some churches, the Vicar request that both myself and the photographers stayed at the back of church, however with my trusty zoom lens I still managed to capture the whole ceremony. From a personal point, it was quite nice to see and capture the day from the same view point as the congregation. The reception was held in a beautiful marquee in the back garden of Ben and Grace's brand new home, which they had moved into only a week before. They had built the house from scratch on land given to them by Ben's family, which again showed just how family orientated the couple are; there was something really special about being inside the marquee and being able to see through the clear walls the new home where they would be spending their lives together. Grace and her Mum had spent lots of time creating pretty thought out details for their day which again reflected their personalities, including a large display showing the construction of their home. The tables were all named after different brands of gin, and were accompanied with the empty bottles (which I am sure was a very enjoyable part of the wedding prep! Haha!)

The speeches were perhaps the longest I've ever had; there was five speakers, which took a good hour, but each speech was filled with fun memories, and gorgeous tributes to Ben and Grace. One last thing I should mention, which I wouldn't usually, but it definitely deserves a special shout out. The food - wow. I have tasted MKC's wedding breakfasts before, but forgot just how good they were. If you are needing to hire in a caterer for your wedding and have the budget to spare I definitely recommend at least trialling there food. I was super impressed with the quality of food they produced for around 160 people without a proper kitchen; hats off to you guys!

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