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A Jewish Wedding at Lillibrook Manor

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you're all well and looking forward to the weekend. My blog post today is from a wedding I filmed just over two weeks ago down in Maidenhead at a gorgeous venue called Lillibrook Manor. Fran and Gideon booked me about a year ago, and I had been looking forward to the wedding for a long time because not only was their venue on my bucket list, but it would also be my first ever jewish wedding. I have been to Jewish weddings in the past as I have Jewish relatives but this was my first time to film one, and gosh it did not disappoint! The day was A-MAZING, all the Jewish traditions were there, glass smashing, chair dancing, but the couple also put an amazing music infused twist on the day which really made it their own. The groom, Gideon, wrote and performed a song to his bride, Fran, which was the perfect combination of cute and humour. The best men wrote and performed a very 'intense' yet hilarious poem, and finally Gideon's sister and one of the beautiful bridesmaids sang a mash up for the first dance which even outshone the performance of the band (sorry guys if you're reading, you were fab too!) Due to this being an April wedding the cherry blossom tree's were in full bloom and made a perfect back drop for the group photos. Fran let the bridesmaid's choose their own dresses and wow, it worked so well! The different styles blended perfectly and it was so nice to see all of the girls wearing something that suited their individual style and shape. So far I have only edited the trailer, but as always here it is so you can have a look at this special day. I would love to do some more Jewish weddings, so if you're planning one or know someone who is please get in touch!

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