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A Spring Engagement Shoot, York

Happy Easter you wonderful lot! I hope you have had an amazing weekend full of family, friends and sweet treats. Mine has been pretty mental, I have had a wedding, a family shoot and an engagement shoot - all whilst being knee deep in hot cross buns and easter eggs. This morning was the turn of the beautiful Maria, and her gorgeous fiancé Mark, who's wedding I am photographing in Santorini later this year. Mine and Maria's meeting was by fate on a plane last September. She was on her way to Italy for her mum's wedding, and I was on my way to an Italian wedding photography workshop. Despite the flight being at 6am we got on like a house on fire, and fast forward a few months we are now preparing for her wedding in Santorini. We met at Escrick Park in York for the engagement shoot, I have shot a wedding there before and just love the open fields and always find it is a really picturesque and peaceful backdrop. The weather was on our side, which was great as we are pretty much guaranteed sun in Santorini in July.

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