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An August Wedding at The Laura Ashley Hotel, Lake District

Hello, happy Monday! I hope you're all having a fabulous start to the week. Today's loveliness comes in the form of Sam and Joanna; I have posted out their wedding film today so I wanted to take a minute to reflect back on their beautiful wedding from back in August. Sam and Joanna got married at The Belsfield Hotel, in the Lake District - which is more famously known for being The Laura Ashley hotel.

The venue itself was just as beautiful as you would imagine it to be, I was seriously excited when I was walking through the corridors on the way to the bridal suite looking at the fabulous interiors, then I got to the room and met the drop dead gorgeous Joanna for the first time, and all her beautiful bridesmaids, I just knew that this was going to make one hell of a wedding film. What I didn't expect was her amazing maid of honour, and also twin, to make the day for me. Now, I've only heard one MOH speech before, and it was gorgeous, but the effort that Emma (the MOH) had gone to just blew me away. Her speech included video messages from one of Joanna's favourite fitness coaches, Michelle Keegan and Jess Glynn!

The words Emma wrote we're so honest, heart felt, witty and sentimental that editing this part of the film brought tingles to my skin each time. So much so that I've asked my maid of honours to do a speech at my wedding! So Laura and Lia, Emma is the one you have to blame for this! Now I can't share the actual film with you as Sam and Joanna haven't seen it themselves yet, but i'll post a link to the trailer. Have a great evening!

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