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An at Home Tipi Wedding in Whixley, Harrogate/York

Hello! I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend, If you're having the Monday blues today this real wedding is definitely going to cheer you up. Let me introduce you to the wonderful Laura and Nick. Laura contacted me well over a year ago about filming her wedding and as soon as I saw it was in a tipi I was beyond excited. What made this wedding even better was that the tipi was located on a field in the family farm, which instantly gave the wedding a real personal touch which also resinated throughout various parts of the day.

About three weeks before the wedding I met Laura and Nick at Filmore and Union for a catch up, we got on like a house on fire and they told me about all the little extra details they had for the tipi. Now you can see lots of these at the beginning trailer, most of which were made by Nick himself (including the large light up letters, amazing or what?!) The effort that had been put in to the wedding was unreal, and it really paid off. The tipi looked visually stunning and reflected the couple so well, which is one thing that really makes a wedding stand out to me.

The photographers on the day were Wynn Davies Photography, my ultimate favourite husband and wife team. I get on with them both so well, and I'm totally in love with Caroline, we have SUCH a laugh at each wedding we do together, it's joy to work with them and they're work is beyond amazing, check them out!

On the day itself, it rained a hell of a lot, which seems to be a running theme with me and tipi weddings, but it didn't dampen the spirit one bit. Also Laura and Nick we're good sports and got their wellies and brollies and came outside with us to get some portraits.

Laura and Nick's love for each other, and their friends and family was so raw and evident on the day, and the emotion in this film is what really makes it for me. On the day I kept finding myself welling up as there were so many really special moments, and it was an honour to be the videographer there documenting the day.

Honestly, if my wedding day had half the love that Nick and Laura's had I would be over the moon. Laura and Nick also work together making pies on the farm ( so they're a real dream team. During editing I kept thinking about when Laura was telling the make up artist about the watch she had bought for Nick for their wedding, she said something along the lines of, "He really deserves it, he works so hard, and has worked so hard on the wedding, he deserves something really special."

I really can't wait to edit the full feature film, although it is an emotional rollercoaster watching their footage back! Thank you so much again guys, honestly you're wedding is one of my favourite ever and you have given me lots of food for thought for my own day.

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