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Hello You.

You don't want standard photos or films; you want the story of your wedding, and your relationship, captured perfectly. 

You have loved planning the details of your day and can't wait to see it all come together. 

You want some epic portraits which really show the soul of your relationship.

But most importantly you adore your other half and you can't wait to marry them.

What I can do for you.

I will be more than just your photographer/videographer, I will be a friend.


I will be there whenever you need me during the run up to your wedding, I will be a spare pair of hands on the day. I will fix your make up if it runs. I will cry at your vows, and laugh at your speeches. I will be friendly with your guests, and will capture the heart of your day.


I will get enough formal photos to keep your parents happy, tons of candid shots of you and your guests, plus some killer images of the pair of you.


I will capture the day in an honest, authentic way, which shows the real you beautifully. 

A little bit more about me.

Mum of one human, two dogs and a cat. Amazing holidays. Nights in with my husband. Weekends away with the girls. Pizza. My pets. Animals in general. Pressecco. Passion fruit. Romance. Music. Cinema dates. Muddy wellies. Rollercoasters. Make up. Nails. Bridget Jones. My Husband. My family. My gorgeous friends. The sea and sand. The stars.


(Not necessarily in that order.. Obviously Aidan means more to me than Bridget!) 

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